XIII° of Magick

by Ravenking

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My music is dirty since I have a weird liking for the ancient taste of raw and primordial nature it invokes. This is meant to be listened to in states of divine madness, psychedelic Trance, in the hours of twilight while the mind has been stoned to smithereens. These songs are invocations and conjurations, seeping through the static of infinite dimensions overlapping our own, the smashing of stars into stars, planets engulfed in a rainstorm of comets, the discordant eery beautiful and ineffable harmonic clashing of the spheres, and yet in all its chaos, strangeness, paradoxes, imbued and held together by the force of love and truth. A dedication to the beauty of a chaotic universe held together by an ineffable order that is incomprehensible except to the heart
Divine Delirium, The Illogical seeping into the logical, and the logical into the illogical, matter infused with spirit, and spirit infused with matter. The Grand cosmic joke. The Wild Wilderness of the Gods.

I am in awe and in love with the flaws of the world, and find greater beauty in a world of perfect imperfections, where our own self is the perfection that holds it all together with love. This is music that I made that comes from my soul, it is dirty, imperfect, flawed, wild and it was birthed realizing that I can't find music that I like or which speaks to my soul. This does! Perhaps it does only to me, but I share it none-the less with you all, for the few flukes that find it equally pleasurable as I do and who might even risk venturing into these tracks in deep psychedelic Trance, magical rituals to call in the wild Goddess Gaia and her Elementals, or while sitting far up high, on cloud number 9 by the gift and blessings of Our Dear Mother Mary and Deva of Green Fields.

Hypocras' Spirit calling berry wine,
By old magical recipe,
Mary's dance in wispy smoke so very fine,
A marvelous majesty,
Wise spirits are my company,
Come dear spirits, come dance with me.
Introspection bestowed upon my mind,
Perception of a very different kind,
Abstract Intuitions,
Divining the present metaphor,
Breaking repetitions
Killing the future further more
Killing it from the mind the only chore,
For it leads out to the Present as a Door,
Dear Deva's of Mystery, come here to me,
Come dear spirits, come and join my company.
Free from circles and repetitions,
Living not our past made decisions,
But living what our heart seeks now,
Living like a blind god not asking when and how,
But doing what he pleases for the sake of truth, his only vow,
I hereby break the spell that binds,
By the spelling of the words in minds
A riddle left out in the open
And unsolved,
The curse that must be lifted
And absolved,
Remove the veils
From Sinners born in sin
Allow them to know the tale
Of their true and divine kin.


released August 23, 2017




Ravenking Luxembourg

Musician, Mystic, Magician, Artist, Writer.

A fool of love and truth and a loving truthful fool.

Setting out on a spiritual path and treading into chapel perilous, where the strangeness of the big cosmic joke we find ourselves in truly turns everything one knows upside down and on its head.

As "Ravenking" I set out on the fools path to create musical spells of truth
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