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Welcome to the Secret Brotherhood of the Phoenix Ravens,

Weirdos, Aliens, Those with the Heart of a Hero, whose Very Nature is pure Rock&Roll, Magicians, Witches, and all other strange-folk out there are welcome to join our guild as loyal members wishing to support the Ravenking in his grand act of rebellion of crowning each of you wonderful people in the world your own true KINGS & QUEENS.

The Ravenking is not a King who Rules Others. He is King over himself crowning those who come to him. <3

And so with these words and statements I wish you much love, truth and mystery.

Ravenking EinNarr

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Musician, Mystic, Magician, Artist, Writer.

A fool of love and truth and a loving truthful fool.

Setting out on a spiritual path and treading into chapel perilous, where the strangeness of the big cosmic joke we find ourselves in truly turns everything one knows upside down and on its head.

As "Ravenking" I set out on the fools path to create musical spells of truth

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